At GCC we connect at kitchen tables, around bonfires, in living rooms, and on hiking trails. We meet on Sundays, but pockets of people are gathering throughout the week sharing life together. We have small groups, women’s and men's groups, youth meetings, various teams and ministries.



From our zipline, to our trails, to our fire pit and nature inspired playground, we want to create an urban oasis where the community can come and enjoy nature.


Seed 2 seed

Grow a garden; grow a community. We help provide meals, recipes and fresh produce to local families. Whether you have a green thumb or not, all you need is a love for people and the outdoors.  



Sermons aren’t meant for entertainment; they are a call to action.  We are a group of young adults who discuss ways to apply sermons to our lives. We are also entertaining.


GCC Women 

We are a group of women who remind one another of our value in Christ. We share in fellowship, bible study, and outreach.

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Life is better when you share it with those around you. We adventure, fellowship, and bond together while developing accountability with one another.


Ignite Youth

We like to light things on fire. Especially, the hearts of middle school and high school students. We want to equip a generation to passionately serve Jesus.